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Our DC UltraFast Distributed Charger is the ultimate solution for electric vehicle charging stations. Designed to charge hubs, gas stations, and public parkings, this charger allows power distribution across multiple satellite units to service multiple EV drivers at the same time. With its ultrafast charging capabilities, drivers can charge their vehicles quickly and get back on the road in no time. This charger is perfect for businesses looking to provide a convenient and efficient charging experience for their customers. Invest in our DC UltraFast Distributed Charger today and take a step towards a sustainable future.

DC UltraFast Distributed Charger

  • One Power Unit can simultaneously provide energy for up to 8 DC charging outputs: Satellites or Pantographs. 

    • Power range: up to 600kW
    • Number of charging outputs: up to 8
    • 1–4 50 kW power modules per Power Unit cabinet
    • Scalability with add-on power modules
    • Lockable door for safety and easy access
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