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The HPC 600 is the ultimate solution for heavy users who need ultrafast DC charging on the go. The system consists of an independent power unit and a satellite unit that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your site. With charging times of less than 15 minutes, this is the perfect solution for gas stations, public charging operators, and fleets. The HPC 600 is easy to use and compatible with all electric vehicles, making it the go-to choice for fast, reliable charging. Don't settle for less – choose the HPC 600 for all your DC ultrafast charging needs.

HPC 600 - UltraFast DC Charging on the go

  • Basic configuration: Power Unit – 350-480kW, HPC satellite 
    Possibility to combine power

    • HPC satellite – part of HPC HUB maitain a max output of 200 kW when maintain power sharing
    • Use of CCS type 2 connectors at least 500A
    • Built-in 10” display with integrated RFID reader
    • Supports payment methods: CCV, Payter, Ingenico, Valina
    • Panel illumination integrated with functional lighting
    • Detailed pricing transparency and display requirements by touchscreen interface 
    • Compliant with German calibration law
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