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The Kempower Standalone DC ultrafast charger is a reliable and efficient charging solution for all electric vehicles. It features a user-friendly satellite interface that seamlessly integrates with the modular cabinet structure of the Power Unit. The charger is easy to install and use, making it ideal for various applications. Once connected to an AC supply and commissioned, the Kempower Standalone DC charger is fully functional and ready to charge your electric vehicle in minutes. Upgrade your charging experience with the Kempower Standalone DC ultrafast charger today.


  • Available in single and double cabinet versions, individual rack-style cabinets offer four power module slots, enabling the single cabinet to deliver up to 200 kW and the double cabinet up to 400 kW. Its modular design allows for scalable charging power capacity to meet increasing charging demand.​

    • Easy to Install and Power Up
    • Charging capacity can be field-upgraded with additional power modules.
    • Dynamic Re-routing of Power
    • Up to 400 kW
    • Two charging outputs
    • Advanced cable support system for premium user experience
    • Possibility to add up to 2 external Satellites
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