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The AXON EASY DC Fast Charger is a powerful and efficient charging station that is ideal for electric cars, trucks and buses. With its high power and compatibility with all types of connectors, this charger is perfect for busy drivers and fleet operators who need to replenish their vehicles' energy quickly. Its modular design also makes it easy to upgrade, allowing for charging speeds of up to 180kW. If you want a reliable and effective DC fast charging solution, the AXON EASY is the perfect choice.

AXON EASY DC Fast Charger

  • Product highlights:

    • Fast charging station with a power of 60 kW
    • CCS connector with a power of 60 kW
    • CHAdeMO connector with a power of 30 kW
    • Socket with a power of 22 kW
    • Various connection and power configuration options
    • Cable length 4 meters
    • Equipped with ISO 15118 Plug and Charge technology for seamless charging and payment authentication
    • Possibility to charge 2 cars at the same time
    • Compact IK 10 vandal-resistant housing
    • Easy-to-read 7” LED screen
    • Intuitive operation
    • Resistant to weather conditions
    • Operating temperature range from -25° to 45°
    • 3G/4G wireless communication, optional Ethernet, Wi-Fi
    • Seamless integration with back-end systems with OCPP 1.6J or 2.0
    • RFID reader
    • High quality
    • Perfect for fleets, shopping malls, bus bases
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