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Accelerate Your Green Transition with ECHARGE and ProCredit Bank

We are excited to announce our latest initiative in partnership with ProCredit Bank: a unique offer for DC fast chargers at a 0% interest rate! This strategic collaboration aims to make sustainable transportation more accessible and affordable for businesses and individuals alike.

EU-Made Quality

Our chargers are manufactured in the EU, ensuring top-tier quality, reliability, and compliance with the latest industry standards. These state-of-the-art DC fast chargers are designed to provide rapid and efficient charging for all types of electric vehicles (EVs), helping to reduce downtime and keep your EVs on the road.

Benefits of Joining the ECHARGE Platform

When you take advantage of this offer, you also get the opportunity to be onboarded to the ECHARGE platform for a period of 5 years. Here’s why that’s a great deal:

  • Comprehensive Network: Join a robust network that connects EV users to a wide array of charging stations, making it easier for drivers to locate and utilize your chargers.

  • Existing User Base: Gain access to ECHARGE's established user base, which includes a growing community of EV drivers actively seeking charging stations.

  • B2B Contracts: Benefit from existing business-to-business agreements that ECHARGE has secured, providing a steady flow of corporate clients needing charging solutions.

  • Real-Time Data Sharing: Our platform integrates with major navigation systems such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and OEM EV navigation systems, providing real-time data to drivers about your charging stations' availability and status.

  • Marketing and Promotions: Enjoy the advantage of being included in ECHARGE's marketing campaigns and promotions, which are designed to boost visibility and usage of all networked chargers.

  • eRoaming Agreements: ECHARGE has established eRoaming agreements, allowing users from different markets and networks to seamlessly access your chargers, thereby expanding your reach and potential customer base.

A Commitment to Sustainability

By partnering with ECHARGE and ProCredit Bank, you’re not only making a smart business decision but also a significant step towards a more sustainable future. This initiative supports the broader adoption of EVs, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promoting cleaner air quality.

How to Get Started

To take advantage of this offer, businesses and individuals interested in purchasing our DC fast chargers will need to sign a 5-year agreement with the ECHARGE platform. This ensures you can fully benefit from all the features and advantages our platform offers.

For more details and to sign up, please contact our sales team at or contact us at +383 46 20 22 00. Together, let’s drive towards a cleaner, greener future.



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